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Living with an animal is like music to the soul. So my life could really be described as a symphony. Tallara Park is home to many animals. Some of them have huge egos while others are quiet and unassuming. One thing is certain, they are all individuals and have their own unique personalities.

If you want to get introduced to our animals please read about them here ยป

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  1. lily said on 23/06/2011 at 2:49 pm

    I cant help but think, that animals while lovely as pets, have been domesticated into being pets for humans. When really these animals are meant to be with their own kind. I feel terribly sad to hear of these animals being separated from their own kind and forced to become the pet of a human, who is transferring their need to love and be loved onto a poor unsuspecting and certainly generous animal. While no doubt the animals are often looked after well, they must miss their families more. And when I think of the types of animals domesticated and expected to take on human qualities or suffer the projections of humans onto them, as if they are human. Well, it just aint right. So please allow these animals you claim to love, the dignity of living in peace with their own kind.

  2. Diana said on 24/06/2011 at 1:18 am

    Good points Lily, although I don’t really think of my animals as pets- they are as I have stated individuals. They live here free from any demands and able to express their wonderful individual personalities. I suppose you could say riding the horses is a demand but they seem to enjoy going out on trail rides and they need to be exercised. If they showed any hint if not wanting to be ridden such as running away when they see their saddles come out, I simply would not ride them.
    I have tried, as far as possible to enable the animals the chance to live with others of their own kind. The only animal that doesn’t is Marlee and the reasons are complex however I am commited to bringing in a friend for him in the immediate future.
    I think you are right that maybe I do interprete many of the animals actions as human but this is only to bring a bit of light into what is often a depressing world.
    Thank you for your comment, it is always good to see disussion around animal welfare!

  3. Rebecca said on 25/06/2011 at 3:23 am

    Farm animals don’t exist because people bred them to take on human qualities Lily. They exist because people bred them, created them in fact, to eat or to fulfill some other self-serving purpose for humanity.

    The animals on Di’s property are the lucky ones – I wonder if you’d prefer to see them locked in a factory farm, living short lives of misery before being brutally killed? Because that’s the only place most pigs, cows and chickens ever get to see.

    “Being with their own kind” is a term reserved for wild animals, i.e we might say this at the sad sight of a wild animal trapped in a zoo. This same logic doesn’t apply to domesticated and farm animals. People like Di need to be congratulated for providing these animals with a loving, caring home and fulfilling all their needs. The other 60+ billion tortured and killed every year for humans to eat would be sorely jealous if they knew what they were missing.

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