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I have been somewhat preoccupied with things the last few weeks – not least the live export issue and the death of our beloved Duke, but life goes on. My children need me and so do the animals. So I thought I’d write a quick update on what’s been happening.

I’m proud to say that Oggie the wonder cat days have taken on a new level of slothfulness. He rises and has breakfast at about 8am then retires for the rest of the day until the fire is lit at night. He does have the good manners to greet guests though, which is admirable. Brodie isn’t much better although he is usually up before, me waiting for his breakfast.

The horses are adjusting to Duke’s death. Summer used to share the paddock with Duke and has now been moved back in with Blaze and Kitty. Blaze has become unbearable now that he has the two ladies to himself. I think he has grand visions of himself as a wild stallion but as long as he’s happy – I’m happy.

Because Summer is back in with Kitty, I now need to lock Kitty up morning and night to let Summer eat her food in peace. Kit goes in to a little yard with her ration of feed for about an hour (which is how long it takes the other two to eat). Her stone bruise is healed finally so now she can start doing some exercise which is great, for as much as I love our porky little pony it is not good for her health.

The piggies are adjusting to the cold winter and have grown quite a thick coat of hair. Patch has the funniest habit of sticking his head between my legs, like a dog. He is clever because it is the perfect position to get the best ear and chin scratch. I am keeping a close eye on their weight because they seem to eat a lot of food but luckily, as they are still young, they do a lot of running around. I’m not sure why but everyone seems to be in stitches whenever they run. To me they are just running but people obviously don’t think that pigs ever run and find it hilarious. Actually they are quite fast runners and very sure footed.

Patch having a scratch

Patch having a scratch

Percy the peacock is not being particularly nice to the pigs. He likes to go and terrorise them when they are eating which means I often have to go and protect them. It is almost funny to see them hiding behind me as he struts around with his feathers all puffed up. It is almost like Percy thinks that they have invaded his space as he was here before them, even though he just wandered in. He also like to show off his tail (even though it is only half grown) to my car, I think because it is blue and he can see his reflection in it.

I also got some great photos of the alpacas recently – they are very inquisitive creatures. They are quite interested in the pigs although their paddock is quite a distance away so they cannot really see what these strange new arrivals are. The day I took these photos they were standing in the corner of the paddock ‘humming’ away. Alpacas make two main noises – a humming sound when they are curious and a low guttural sound when they are play fighting. Both noises are quite bizarre.



And finally Marlee our beautiful golden retriever is well and enjoying life. He has no idea that in a few short weeks he will lose his manhood. I don’t agree with breeding animals so I figure that it is kinder for Marlee to be neutered and not have to cope with male hormones ruling his thoughts for the rest of his days. Much better for his thoughts to revolve around whose sock he can steal next!

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