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I have always loved animals. It was not something I thought about or even really considered, I suppose I just took it for granted. That was until I met Josh and Dylan. At twenty seven years of age, my whole world was turned on its head, when two beautiful little Golden Retriever puppies entered my life and completely stole my heart.

The love I felt for them was so powerful, so overwhelming and so immediate that even I was completely astounded. Over the years this love deepened and they became two of my dearest, most trusted friends. Time and time again I marveled at this bond we shared, this totally indescribable bond and I wondered how many other people experienced the same thing. Individuals from totally different species, joining together in absolute trust, respect and love.

This book is a testament to these wonderful dogs, for they encouraged me to think about who I am and really examine my thoughts and feelings. They also enabled me to experience a little bit of magic right here on earth.

“You touch my hand and I am awakened.
Momentarily lost in thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Your eyes convey the love you feel and the faith you hold.
I smile and touch your head and marvel at this bond we share
Yet not a word was spoken……”


As an animal lover I am surrounded by magic. Unexpected, unpredictable and inexplicable things happen all of the time. Animals do not speak my language, embrace my customs or care for my rules and regulations, yet I am able to communicate with them and in some cases form a powerful bond.

With this bond comes a level of understanding, respect and commitment that is so deep, it is beyond description. Only other animal lovers can know the intensity of this bond and appreciate its significance.

To connect to an individual from another species without the aid of a common language is an astonishing achievement and to love and be loved by that being is an amazing thing.

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