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Review by Laura Laidlaw

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A moving and unsentimental account of a personal journey that both charms and provokes.

Anyone who has experienced the wonder of sharing their lives with a loving and loved animal will be drawn into ‘Yet not a word was spoken…’ . Through a mixture of personal experiences, poetry and factual information Di Thurgood explores the evolution of her life philosophy and values as a dedicated animal lover.

Di believes that animal lovers share five values about non-human animals, namely: they feel pain, sadness, grief and fear; they have unique characters and personalities; they play an integral role in our lives; they are just as important as we are; and they bring magic into our lives. These beliefs form the chapters of her book.

As you read each chapter you will find yourself nodding in agreement to the ideas so clearly expressed. You will relate to the anecdotes and be reminded of your own special non-human friendships. You will chuckle at some stories and cry at others.

And you will finish the book renewed in your conviction that ‘to connect to another species without the aid of a common language is an astonishing achievement and to love and be loved by that being is an amazing thing.’

Laura Laidlaw

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