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Rain – it’s not just people who are getting depressed!

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I know I’m not the only one who’s sick of the rain. It’s virtually the first topic of conversation with everyone I meet. It’s even gone past the point of looking on the positives – there are none!  There is just this relentless deluge which occasionally teases us with a day of almost fine weather before returning with a vengeance. 

My beloved Monty in the rain.

My beloved Monty in the rain.

The rain seems to have invaded my spirits. Not only are the days grey but my thoughts as well. Everything seems hard, even simple chores which is no wonder when you factor in all the mud, dirt, wet clothes and leaches.  I am even putting on weight. I am not sure whether that is directly linked to the rain but it sounds like a good excuse to me.
There are some mornings when the thought of putting on gumboots and a coat and trudging around in the rain to feed animals just depresses me. And then I think of the poor animals who have to live outside ‘in it’ and I feel even worse …. and selfish to boot.
It looks as though there isn’t going to be any improvement  in the weather for some time (I won’t go into the 28 day forecast) so I am going to purposely focus on some funny things, some everyday happenings that make me smile and hopefully will brighten your day too!

I work from home and have done for many years. I do not have any problems with motivation or organisation but I do sometime have problems maintaining an air of professionalism. Only the other day I was on a work call, a team conference call to be precise. The children were at school. Marlee was being well behaved with no sudden outbursts of barking etc. Then Oggie arrived. Oggie gets up at approximately 8am every morning (quite a civilized cat really) and has his breakfast. He then ‘retires’ to one of the beds for the day, rising again at about 2.30. His favourite activity is to then beat up Marlee who loves it because he assumes that it is Oggie’s way of showing affection.( Maybe it is)  For some reason the other day he decided he didn’t want to ‘interact’ with Marlee but me, instead.  At exactly 2.30 in the middle of my work call, Oggie woke up and loudly announced his arrival back in the world of conscious beings. I had a feeling that everyone on the call had heard him but were too polite to say anything.  Then he jumped up on my desk and proceeded to scream at me in long drawn out howls. I pushed him unceremoniously off the desk but this did not stop him, in fact it made him louder. Finally somebody said “Is that a cat?” There was no denying it, of course it was a cat and everyone knew exactly where that cat noise was coming from. Luckily my team members and boss know me well and are very accepting of my ‘unusual lifestyle’. The howling didn’t actually stop until I had picked him up and deposited him in my room and shut the door. Even then it continued but at least it couldn’t be heard on the other end of the phone. Of course the noise did stop – exactly when I had finished my call. So what was he complaining about? The rain of course!!!

Marlee’s predecessors Josh and Dylan were very well behaved dogs.  They never did anything wrong, they didn’t jump, bark, chew things, snatch food, lick or whine. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that they weren’t dogs at all. Marlee in comparison does all of these things. He is actually very much like the other well known Marlee – he loves to knock me over with his exuberant greetings and cover me with sloppy kisses. He will stand up and take food off the kitchen bench and he barks to show his disapproval, his excitement, his distrust of strangers – most things actually. I think Marlee’s lack of self discipline is a direct result of me having children of my own and not having time to enforce rules and regulations as strictly as I did when I was 27 and childfree. But we cope anyway, life isn’t as ordered and civilised as it was with my beloved Joshi and Dylan but it is real and there is love and that is the main thing. Watching Marlee growing up with the children is the most amazing thing to witness and I am so grateful to him for being there for them and opening their eyes to the wondrous world of animals! it is no wonder that I manage to excuse some of his less than perfect attributes and take comfort in the belief that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff!

Anyway I have taken to leaving Marlee behind when I do my morning and afternoon rounds simply because he gets so wet and so dirty that it takes an entire day or night for him to dry out. This means being locked in the back room away from the family which makes me feel rotten and him – probably worse. But despite having his best interests at heart he doesn’t appreciate my actions and gets up on the lounge or my bed whenever I leave him behind. He never does this when I am in the house, only when I leave him. He makes no attempt to hide the fact, he just lies there and gives me this look that says “well this could have been avoided you know but you just didn’t listen”. Either that or “well what do you expect – how else can I cope?”

It’s interesting that if Marlee or Oggie were human I don’t think I would be able to live with ether of them but as animal companions I find their antics amusing, even stress relieving.

Sadly I can’t report on any other funny stories from the other animals. As you can probably understand, having to live outside in these horrible conditions, they are depressed, sad and fed up (as we all are). I honestly believe that anyone who denies that animals feel emotions have never lived with an animal. I have seen a definite change in each animal’s personality as the weather has deteriorated this month.  This is not just in the larger animals such as cows, alpacas and horses but smaller animals such as the chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits as well. I am actually beginning to get worried because in my experience animals emotions are more strongly linked to their physical well being than humans.  So I’m sure you will join me when I say out loud “Please who-ever, if you are listening TURN OFF THE TAP”

Oh … If you have any animal stories that might help to cheer others please share them… we need them! ( Or feel free to complain about the rain).

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