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Oggie is a 12 year desexed male ginger cat. Oggie’s name was originally Oliver. When Kelsea was little she couldn’t pronounce Oliver and she started calling him Ollie – that name stuck for a while. When Kyle was little he called him “Brah” – that name never stuck. Then when Alana was little she called him Oggie and Oggie he has been ever since.

Oggie is HUGE cat with a HUGE personality.


He arrived as a six month old kitten, on a temporary foster care visit. I was meant to be minding him for my best friend who is a vet while she found him a home. Very clever move this was as he found a home that weekend – with me. Oggie had been dumped at the beginning of the Easter break – probably a Christmas present who had lost his cuteness. He had most definitely come from a home with children as he was completely unfazed by my friends’ children and was outgoing and confident in the extreme. He moved into my home and completely took over my life.

He grew and grew and started to level out at a very impressive 7.5kgs. He has never been fat, just pure muscle. One of the funniest things I’ve heard was when a visitor asked me “Do you need a licence to keep that cat?” I called him Oliver because when I gave him his first meal he polished it off, then looked up at me and said “Moorre”. Ogg is extremely intelligent and fearless. He has been known to have small dogs quaking in their boots and has tackled a few larges dogs also. It is quite embarrassing when friends come to visit and bring their dogs and Oggie ‘beats them up’.

Oggie rules the house with an iron fist and we are his servants. He is however very generous and shares himself around, spending a couple of nights on each person’s bed before moving on to the next, so we don’t get jealous. He is affectionate and vocal and will happily greet us when we have been out. However if we have been away, he totally ignores us for a few days.

Oggie loves my partner Greg and will always runs to greet him when he gets home from work. He also enjoys sharing a prawn with him and will come running whenever Greg brings home prawns. We’ve always been fascinated as to how he knows when prawns are around and recently we got a clue. On this particular day, Greg had brought home a bag of peanuts in the shell and picked up a newspaper and bowl and walked into the lounge room. Oggie appeared from nowhere with an expectant look on his face and was quite disappointed when he realised no prawns. We laughed as obviously the newspaper and bowl had become a trigger for prawns to Oggie. Animals read us far more than we will ever realise.

He is very happy with his life and his ‘estate’ and he has brought great joy to us, his family. He has been a wonderful animal ambassador for my children to grow up with as he is patient and kind and has never bitten or scratched them, even when they were toddlers. I will always be indebted to Ogg for this, as he has taught them so much about animals and has kindled their growing awareness and respect for all creatures.

In 2010 Oggie disappeared for 10 days in freezing temperatures. We were devastated and after the third night I started to give up hope. Alana would cry every night when she was going to sleep “I just want Oggie to come home” It was heartbreaking. After the ninth day I lost hope completely and told her that he had gone to the angel place and then on the tenth day, he came home starving and injured but alive. It was one of the best days of my life and now Oggie and Brodie stay indoors. It doesn’t seem to worry them. In fact Ogg has shown absolutely no interest in going out since that wonderful June morning when I carried him inside thanking God for our second chance. I will write the full story of Oggie’s disappearance in my diary sometime in the future.


Brodie is an 11 year old, male, Seal Point Birman cat.

Brodie is seriously stunning – an absolute gem of the animal kingdom. While I have always loved Birmans, I did have an ulterior motive when I bought Brodie. Oggie had just arrived and I didn’t want him to be an only cat. I really don’t like any animal being the only one of its kind. However I realised that Oggie was a particularly dominant cat and it would require a cat with a special temperament to get along with him, basically one that was submissive and docile. I didn’t want to live in a warzone so I decided that if I bought a purebred Birman I could at least be assured of its temperament.


Brodie is exactly the right match for Oggie, he is placid, relaxed and unfazed by Ogg’s displays of superiority. He lets him eat first, take prime position in front of the heater and sleep on the beds. Brodie is ‘not allowed’ to sleep on the beds – that is an unspoken agreement between them, he sleeps on the lounge.

When Brodie first arrived he was happy and relaxed with Greg and myself but totally freaked out by strangers. In fact for the first eight years of his life, I don’t think any other person even saw him. The moment a car pulled into the driveway or there was a knock at the door he was gone. I was a bit worried how he would handle a baby, when I was pregnant with Kelsea but he was fine. I think it was such a gradual process that he adapted and was quite calm and happy around her. With the arrival of Kyle and Alana he became a little more chilled out and then one day much to my surprise came out to greet a visitor.

Brodie is now almost a socialite, happily rubbing up against people’s legs, sitting next to visitors and kneading their legs. Like Oggie he has always been totally trustworthy with the children and has helped to foster their own love of animals and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

Despite his impressive coat, Brodie actually sheds less than Oggie. His coat doesn’t mat and is quite easy to care for. He is not a big eater but like Og, he is a cat of impressive proportions. Sadly however, he is very clumsy. I always hold my breath whenever he jumps up onto the furniture because I know the outcome is not going to be pretty.

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