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Guinea pigs

We have three guinea pigs, a mother called Patch and her two daughters Nicky and Noodle.

The guinea pigs arrived on Christmas day 2009, as a present for Kelsea, Kyle and Alana from my sister Helen. She bought them from the Small Animal Rescue Service and though I am unsure of how they came to be there, I imagine that someone’s children had become bored with them and started to neglect them.

The guinea pigs

They are very sweet little things who love their food and greet us with a loud ‘Weeeak Weeeak’ whenever they are hungry (which is nearly all of the time). They have an insatiable appetite and no matter how much grass we put in for them it is always gone within an hour or two. I am so glad when the warmer weather arrives and the grass is growing, it makes feeding the guinea pigs- in fact all of the animals so much easier.

I don’t like having favourites but there always seems to be one animal from each ‘group’ which is really special. With the guinea pigs it’s Noodle. She is calm and friendly and Kelsea adores her. She will sit quietly in her lap and eat from her hand. The other two are not as tame but then they belong to Kyle and Alana who are younger and not as skilled at holding them.

We’re lucky to have a cage where the children can actually climb in and sit with the pigs. This is just so much safer, as they can’t jump out of their hands and get away.

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