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Marlee is a male Golden Retriever who was born on the 16th March 2010 so he is still quite a baby. I love goldies because they are sooky, funny, soft, very loving and good with other animals which is a bit of a prerequisite if you live here. Marlee came to live with us, six years after I lost my first two wonderful goldens, Josh and Dylan. He is actually distantly related to them which in some way comforting to me as I loved them so much.


However, Marlee is very different to them, very much his own person … or dog. He is not particularly friendly with strangers and an exceptional watch dog. I think maybe because we have the children he has taken on this responsibility.

He is also a bit picky with food whereas most goldies are absolute gluttons. I say picky because anything human is fine but dog food is beneath him. Not that I have ever fed him dog food but I have on occasions bought dog biscuits which he takes gingerly out of my hand (complete with a wounded look on his face) then politely spits them out.

Marlee is absolutely devoted to me, a fact I find quite surprising as I thought with three children – one of them would be his favourite. He follows me everywhere (even to the toilet) and when I go out he is ‘deflated’. He just lies around dejectedly. If Greg tries to get him to go up to the shed, he follows him reluctantly and stays there for about five minutes, then heads back to the house and lies on the back doorstep waiting for me. He has slept next to my bed every night and greets me every morning by jumping on me and licking me. When I wake in the morning I have to be very careful not to fully open my eyes because the moment he sees them open he launches himself on me. I look up at his massive head and powerful set of jaws just inches from my face and always say the same thing “Why Grandma, what big teeth you have”.

The love of a dog is a precious and wonderful thing and I’m sure Marlee will feature prominently in many of my entries.

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