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We have two gorgeous lop ear rabbits called Chamomile (brown) and Clover (black). They were originally my sister Helen’s rabbits but they came to live with us after she moved and lost two of her other rabbits to myxomatosis . We are lucky where we live as there are no wild rabbits (for now) so myxo is not a problem. Cammie and Clover live with the three guinea pigs (Nicky, Patch and Noodle) in a massive walk-in aviary. They have a two story hutch, a tunnel and a summer house.


Like all of the animals they have completely different personalities. Clover is very headstrong and bossy. She doesn’t like to be handled and will struggle and scratch to get away. Cammie is gentle, sweet and kind. She lies calmly in your arms and if you turn her over onto her back she will fall asleep. Interestingly both rabbits had a similar upbringing. They both came to live with Helen as babies and were handled constantly but Clover has never enjoyed being petted. I don’t have a problem with that and accept her for who she is and what she wants. I know a lot of people that aren’t really into being ‘handled’ either.

My love affair with rabbits goes back many years and I have been lucky to have lived with some great characters. Rabbits can have huge personalities and become very tame if you spend enough time with them. They are naturally clean and can be easily taught to use a little tray. My first rabbit Beau used to hop up on my bed and burrow down under the quilt. He would also lie in front of the heater like a cat or a dog. Chamomile and Clover don’t get to come inside the house – it’s a bit difficult with three kids, two insides cat and a dog but we can go into their home which is great.

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