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About the book “And not a word was spoken…”

“And not a word was spoken …” was written over a seven year period between 1998 and 2005. Since that time it has sat on my computer and a copy at the bottom of my desk, while I have mulled over what to do with it.  Numerous friends have read it but the next step just never eventuated until now.

The book is a personal exploration of who I am as an animal lover, so in one sense it has already achieved its objective. It has helped me to understand myself and I have been able to crystallise my thoughts and opinions about many issues. However I have realised that other people may be able to relate to the ideas that I have raised in the book and find some understanding of who they are in what I have written.

Hence this blog…

In preparation for the blog, I have broken the book down into individual concepts/ ideas/ discussion points, which will be posted for discussion. When the discussion has run its course I will then post the next point.

The book is structured around five topics which outline the main differences (that I believe exist) between people like myself and non-animal loving counterparts.

  1. Animal lovers possess a heightened sense of compassion for all creatures and a belief that animals feel emotions such as pain, sadness, grief and fear, just as we do.
  2. Animal lovers have the ability to appreciate the unique characters and personalities of non-human animals and a desire to build meaningful relationships with them.
  3. Animal lovers have a desire to live a real life, not one fabricated by society, one where animals play an integral role.
  4. Animal lovers believe that the human race is not the most important species on this planet just a mere thread in the wonderful tapestry of life.
  5. Animal lovers appreciate the ‘magic’ of animals and have experienced a powerful connection with a non human animal or animals.
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