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Feeding this amount of animals is costly especially over winter. I must admit I have never been game to actually tally up the exact amount but I know that my feed bill just for the cows, horses and alpacas is roughly $1000.00 per month over winter (which depending on the severity of the season can last from April through to October).

The horses only have their feet trimmed as they are not ridden on roads or hard ground. Duke is the only exception as after many years of being shod in the police force his feet are not as hard as the others and he gets footsore. However as a cost saving measure I have bought him boots which he wears on his front feet whenever we go out riding – as horses carry 80% of their weight on their front legs. Trimming costs $35.00 dollars per horse and is done every eight weeks. So for the four of them that is $150.00.

Fencing and building of shelters is a very expensive exercise and to date I think I have spend roughly $40,000 on this.

Veterinary medicines are also expensive with the animals requiring a range of products including worming pastes, solutions and tablets, flysprays, arthritis powder for Red and antiseptic creams and lotions in the case of injury.

As I mentioned before shearing is an annual activity which costs approximately $100.00 for the four alpacas.

I am always aware of the fact that if any of the animals became seriously ill, the vet bill could run into thousands of dollars. I suppose because of this and the general cost in maintaining the animals that we already have I am increasing in size cautiously. I would never let myself get into the situation where I could not afford to properly care for animals who rely on me.

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