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In August 2000 when Greg and I bought Tallara Park, I had grand plans of opening it to the public, so that people could come in, interact with the animals and learn about them. I wanted to help people realise that farm animals also possess unique personalities and emotions just like our treasured domestic ‘pets’. However in 2009 when I submitted a DA to my local council it was rejected by the RTA because of road safety issues. Despite trying every possible way to negotiate with them I was met with complete indifference. They basically told me that to approve my proposal we would need to fund road works which would cost in excess of $1.5 million dollars. So I gave up… but only for a day.

The next day I had a phone conversation with another Instructional Designer at work and invariably the conversation turned to animals. In a nutshell I told her about my book, my predicament with the council and my frustrations. Zsuzsa (an animal lover herself) came up with the idea of this blog and then her partner Peter built it for me. I have met many wonderful people through my work in the eLearning industry and Peter and Zsuzsa are two of my favourites. It is also another example of how sometimes when one door closes, another (often better) one opens.

I say ‘better’ because I have realised that this blog has the potential to reach many more people than opening the property would – which is of course good news for the animals who rely on us to speak on their behalf. I also have the opportunity to write and explore many more issues and topics with people than what I would in the one or two hour timeframe if they were visiting the property. Finally it also provides a medium for me to share my book, stimulate discussion on its content and gain feedback.

In short, this blog provides a wonderful opportunity for me to promote compassion and understanding, for all animals!

And who knows, maybe one day we will be able to open up the property and people can come and meet the animals in person. You never know what the future holds…

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